The Old Emigration Trail is a 7.7-mile paved path connecting the cities of West Point and Syracuse UT. The trail follows a section of the historic Emigration Road that once connected Salt Lake City to the California Trail near the City of Rocks in Idaho. The Old Emigration Trail goes by many names including the Syracuse Trail and Bluff Trail. The trail begins at 1300 North in West Point and ends with a loop around Jensen Nature Park in Syracuse near Gentile Street and Bluff Road. This is a great trail for beginning walkers and bikers. The entire trail is wheelchair and stroller accessible; however use caution at the numerous street crossings along the way.


There are many access points to the Old Emigration Trail. The north trailhead is located along 1300 North in West Point, while the south trailhead is located at Jensen Nature Park in Syracuse. Any of the numerous street crossings between these two points can also be used for access.

The Jensen Nature Park trailhead is located at 3176 South Bluff Road in Syracuse, Utah:

  1. Drive west on Gentile Street in Layton, UT for approximately 4.0 miles.
  2. Turn north onto Bluff Road.
  3. Continue 0.8 miles to Jensen Nature Park on the west side of the road (41.066964, -112.052484).

The northern trailhead is located at 4055 W 1300 N in West Point, Utah, and can be reached from the Jensen Nature Park:

  1. Continue north on Bluff Road for 2.6 miles.
  2. Turn right onto 3000 West.
  3. Continue north on 3000 West for 2.6 miles.
  4. Turn left onto 1300 North.
  5. Continue west for 1.1 miles to the small, unsigned parking area on the south side of the road (41.132541, -112.104320).

The trail begins about 0.2 miles west of the north parking area; however, most hikers or bikers head south from this point.

The Route

The Old Emigration Trail can be completed from any point and in either direction. Starting from the parking area on 1300 North, the trail begins by winding through a residential area. Use caution before proceeding into the few crossings you will encounter along the way.

Further along, the views open up to a mix of wetland and farms, with the Wasatch Mountains and Antelope Island visible in the distance. After about 4.25 miles, you will arrive at the only real junction along the trail at Fremont Park. Turn left here, following signage leading to Jensen Park.

Continue heading south toward Jensen Park as the trail passes by more residential areas and lush wetlands. After 5.9 miles, the trail reaches the north end of Jensen Nature Park. Continue over the bridge, and head south. The trail turns east at Gentile Street and then north again, making a 1.8-mile loop around Jensen Nature Park, and eventually returning to the bridge where the Old Emigration Trail first entered the park. Returning to the north trailhead from this point results in about a 13.6-mile round trip.

Those wishing for a longer walk or ride can visit the inner loop trails at Jensen Nature Park or any of the several parks located along the length of The Old Emigration Trail.

Rules and Regulations

  • Dogs allowed on leash.
  • Clean up after pets.
  • No littering.
  • No horses allowed on paved trail.

Special Considerations

During warm weather, mosquitoes and other biting insects may be a nuisance. Wear long sleeves and pants and/or bug repellent if necessary.


This trail guide is provided by Backcountry Post.