The Pineview West Trail follows the shoreline of Pineview Reservoir for 3.1 miles offering hikers a mix of dense forest lush wetlands and panoramic views of the reservoir and surrounding mountains. The trail can be completed as an out-and-back of 6.2 miles or with a shuttle as a point-to-point between the two trailheads. Aside from a short section where the trail traverses the highway this is an excellent hike for children and novice hikers and bikers.


The Pineview West Trail can be reached from Ogden, UT:

  1. Drive east up Ogden Canyon/Highway 39 for about five miles to the junction with Highway 158 at the Pineview Reservoir dam.
  2. Turn left, crossing the dam, and continue 1.4 miles to the Pineview trailhead on the right side of the road (41.265682, -111.824587).

The Pineview West Trail extends 3.1 miles between the Pineview trailhead and the North Arm trailhead (41.296278, -111.826149). To reach the North Arm trailhead, continue past the Pineview trailhead another 2.4 miles. Both trailheads have vault toilets and plenty of parking; however, the Pineview trailhead receives more usage due to the easy shoreline access available there.

The Route

The Pineview West Trail can be hiked in either direction. The south end is a bit more developed, as it passes by the port launch ramp and along the backside of the Pineview Yacht Club. The best nature experience is on the north end, so this trail guide describes travel from north to south.

From the North Arm trailhead, begin hiking on the trail heading southwest into the wetlands. An abundance of wildlife resides here. If you are lucky, you might even see one of the beautiful ospreys that frequent the area.

Continue hiking as the trail crosses over a few bridged areas before entering a dense forest. You will shortly encounter a signed nature trail on the left. This out-and-back detour adds about a half mile to the hike. Continue hiking as the trail continues south. There are several small ups and downs, including a few short, steep sections, but the hiking is generally easy. This part of the trail is mostly in the forest, but there are occasional views of Pineview Reservoir in the distance.

After 1.5 miles, the trail appears to end at a gravel parking area (41.281268, -111.819789). You may turn back at this point, or continue south. Follow the gravel road until a trail cuts off on the left behind the Pineview Yacht Club. The trail crosses the entrance to the Yacht Club and follows along the highway for about 100 feet before resuming. Watch children closely through this section due to busy traffic on the road.

The trail continues south along the shoreline of the reservoir, offering outstanding views. After you reach the port launch ramp, make your way past where the trail resumes on the other side of the parking area. From here, the easy trail continues through a field before winding around the shoreline and eventually ending at the north end of the Pineview trailhead. Return the way you came. Round trip hiking distance is approximately 6.2 miles.

Rules and Regulations

  • Dogs allowed on leash.
  • Clean up after pets.
  • No littering.

Special Considerations

  • This trail is popular with mountain bikers. Use caution near blind corners, and watch out for children, who may not be visible to oncoming traffic.
  • The north end of the trail can become quite muddy in wet conditions and should be avoided until dry to avoid damage to the trail.


This trail guide is provided by Backcountry Post.