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Your Baby

Your developing baby is now considered a fetus, rather than an embryo. In this phase of development, the placenta takes over the work of the yolk sac. It provides nutrients and oxygen to the fetus and filters out waste.

Your baby's head is now round and proportionally very large, about half the length of the rest of the body. In the coming days, the fetus will have a major growth spurt — doubling its size in a week.

Your Body

Fatigue — a feeling of constant, deep-down tiredness — is common in early pregnancy. Your body is building a baby. It makes sense that this takes a toll on your energy level right now.

The good news? Most women report a big boost in their energy in the second trimester of pregnancy.

Healthy Tip

If you're fatigued, don't try to maintain the same schedule as you did before your pregnancy. Say no to some tasks and invitations. Prioritize the things that promote a healthy pregnancy: nutrition, exercise, and sleep. Also, allow for rest periods in your day. Learn to pace yourself. Do a little, rest a little — repeat.

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