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Your Baby

Your baby is now considered full-term. But her brain and nervous system are still developing – in fact, they will continue to develop throughout childhood. Although the development from blastocyst to baby has been remarkable, in many ways your child's journey has just begun.

Your Body

In the first trimester, a soft plug of mucus formed across your cervix to seal off your uterus. Now your body sheds the plug as the cervix dilates and the body prepares for labor. Most women aren't aware of this development. But some women notice a thick, brownish or blood-tinged discharge, sometimes called “bloody show.”

Healthy Tip

Ask your doctor or midwife what you should expect from your baby's movement. Your provider may give you guidelines or suggest that you count movements a few times a day. This is a way to gauge the baby's health. Since space is tight in the uterus at this point, you may not feel the vigorous kicks and rolls you felt earlier in pregnancy. But you should still feel some movements.

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