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Your Baby

This week, the embryonic “tail” at the bottom of the spine disappears. The head grows larger in proportion to the rest of the body to accommodate your baby's busy brain. Major work is underway at the torso as well, as the digestive and reproductive systems are forming inside. Outside, the nipples appear.

Your Body

Although you may not be clearly “showing” yet, you may be having some trouble fastening your pants. You may have gained a pound or two — or lost a bit of weight. Both weight gain and weight loss are normal at this stage. More than likely, your breasts are larger than before. Many women go up two cup sizes or more during pregnancy.

Healthy Tip

Ask your midwife or doctor about weight gain during pregnancy. What's a healthy weight for you? Your provider will give you a range based on your pre-pregnancy weight and body-mass index (BMI), your health, and the needs of the pregnancy (you can expect to gain more weight with twins, for example).

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