Your Baby

As your baby's skeleton and muscles develop, the proportions of the body change. The legs are now longer than the arms, for example. The head is more erect — and your baby can now scowl, squint, or smile.

Your baby is now about an inch shorter — and an ounce lighter — than the smart phone you may be holding in your hand.

Your Body

As morning sickness eases, your appetite may increase. If you've had unusual food cravings, these may ease or change. Your growing appetite supports your rapidly growing baby.

Healthy Tip

If you're still struggling to quell queasiness, steer clear of spicy, fatty, salty, or ultra-sweet foods. Instead, stick to bland foods. Starches like whole grain bread, brown rice, or mashed potatoes are often good choices — especially when combined with high-protein snacks like peanut butter and low-fat cheese.