Cassia Regional Hospital Maternity Mom Baby

Open today: 24 hours
Enter through the main entrance, take a left at the first main hallway, follow the hallway all the way down to the next perpindicular hallway, and take a right. The Birth Center is a sharp right after the double doors into the Med/Surg floor.

Cassia Regional Hospital Nursery

Open today: 24 hours
Through the main entrance head to the main lobby elevators. Take the elevator to the fourth floor. Pick up the phone to speak to a nurse to be admitted.

Cassia Regional Hospital Surgical Services

Enter through the double doors at the end of the lobby, take a left in the hallway. Location is on the right.

Cedar City Hospital Women and Newborn

Open today: 24 hours
Enter through the main entrance and turn left at the front desk. Then take the right at the end of the hall and your destination is straight ahead.