After 40 weeks of planning and eager anticipation, we are committed to helping your baby arrive healthy and safe. Intermountain’s industry-leading obstetricians and midwives listen to your hopes and concerns, answer your questions, and help you prepare for labor and delivery. We partner with you to develop a birth plan tailored specifically to you, whether it includes an epidural, natural birth, or a cesarean delivery.

However, we understand that deliveries may not always go as planned. You can take comfort knowing that you and your family are surrounded by state-of-the-art resources and expert medical specialists committed to you and your baby’s wellbeing. 

A male physician consults a pregnant patient sitting in an exam chair

Signs and Symptoms of Labor

Learn about different signs and symptoms you might experience during your labor.

A female patient has her lab work done by a lab technician.

Arriving at the Hospital

Learn about what to expect when you arrive and check in and find suggested items to bring to the hospital.


Elective Induction

Find information and statistics about elective induction.

A nurse conducts a bedside visit with a patient.

Managing Pain

It is important to discuss your options with your healthcare provider to determine your preference about pain management prior to the onset of labor.


Your Birth Experience at Intermountain

Learn more about what to expect during your birth experience at Intermountain.


After Delivery

Learn more about what to expect after delivery while in the hospital and once you return home.


Research and News

Intermountain Healthcare is at the forefront in researching new techniques and technologies in providing the best care possible for women & newborns.