What Are Compression Wraps?

Compression wraps are elastic bandages that wrap around a part of your body to keep swelling down. The wraps create pressure which pushes extra fluid out of a certain area. This improves blood flow to that part of the body and helps it heal faster.

Compression wraps come in different styles. Your doctor will recommend the best compression wrap for your needs.

How Do I Take Care of a Compression Wrap?

Compression wraps can be worn for up to seven days if you take good care of them. Here’s how to make them last and keep them working right:

  • Keep them clean and dry until your next doctor’s appointment.
  • Wear thin, stretchable stockings over the wrap to hold it in place. This keeps the wrap from sticking to your sheets while sleeping. It also keeps your clothing from sticking to the wrap.
  • Wear shoes that can fit comfortably around a wrap that covers your leg and foot.

When Should I Call a Doctor?

It is normal for the wrap to feel tight or uncomfortable at first, but call your doctor if:

  • You have pain, numbness, or tingling, or your toes turn a different color.
  • The wrap gets wet.
  • The wrap becomes wrinkled or folded.
  • The wrap rubs against your skin or slides down more than 1 inch. Your wrap might get loose when the swelling goes down.
  • You have fluid that leaks from a wound to the outside of the wrap and the spot is more than four inches wide.
  • You have any other concerns.

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