Why does it matter what I eat when I have a wound?

Having a wound puts extra demands on your body. To heal, you need more calories and more nutrients. Wounds heal faster if you get enough of the right foods — and if you don’t, they heal more slowly.

What else can I do to help my wound heal?

  • If you use tobacco, quit. Nicotine can reduce blood and oxygen flow to your tissues. We realize quitting is difficult, but extremely important, therefore it may be necessary to consult your Primary Care Provider for assistance in finding and enrolling in a smoking cessation program.
  • If your wound is not healing, you don’t feel like eating, or you’re losing weight, make an appointment with a registered dietitian for more ideas.

Special instructions

Some people need to follow special diets for specific medical conditions. For example, if you have kidney or heart issues, check with your doctor or dietitian before adding too much protein. Ask about good food choices for you.