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How to receive payment for products and services provided

Intermountain Healthcare is committed to paying our suppliers accurately and within contracted payment terms.  Our settlement process includes confirming the supplier business authenticity, verifying invoice information, and ensuring internal approval processes are complete prior to payment.  To ensure your invoices are processed timely, please ensure the following information is complete and accurate on each invoice:

  • Ensure your invoice is identified as an “Invoice” and not as a “Statement”
  • Clearly identify the Payee and Payee address
  • Include a unique invoice number and invoice date
  • Provide the accurate Purchase Order number
  • Ensure the Invoice items, services, item quantities, and prices match the contracted Purchase Order
  • Please exclude Sales Tax from your Invoices.  Intermountain Healthcare is Sales Tax exempt, and invoices that include Sales Tax will be paid short of the tax. Intermountain’s Utah Sales Tax exemption number is 11990296-013-STC.  Please contact the Accounts Payable team if you need additional Sales Tax exemption information.
  • Do NOT send invoice to customer. Send according to instructions in How to Submit and Invoice.

How to submit an invoice

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). This is our preferred method for receiving invoices. This is an industry standard electronic invoice (810 format) for Intermountain to receive invoices accurately and efficiently.  Computer-to-computer communication reduces errors and decreases the invoice processing time.  Please contact our Accounts Payable Team to enroll.
  • P.O. Box/Mailing.  Do NOT mail invoice to the customer. Mail invoices to the following address:

    Intermountain Facility Name
    Attn: Accounts Payable
    P.O. Box 30184
    Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0184
  • Email/Scan. Follow these steps:
  •     Send invoices to
  •     Assure the file is in PDF format
  •     One invoice per file
  •     Do NOT send the invoice to the customer
  •     Clearly mark the PO number on the file or payment will be delayed or declined
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Where is my payment?

Our suppliers can review invoice status and payments through our Self-Service supplier portal.  For portal access, please contact the Accounts Payable team at (801) 442-2500 or You can also contact our team directly for payment status.