To fulfill Intermountain Healthcare’s vision of being “a model health system by providing extraordinary care and superior service at an affordable cost,” medication samples and industry-based pharmaceutical reps will no longer be permitted in clinics effective March 1, 2019.

This decision applies to medications and medication-related materials (e.g., drug coupons and vouchers); it does not apply to medical devices, oxygen, infant formula, and other non-medication items.
Pharmacy Supplier Contact Directory

Whom can I contact about a drug review?

The drug request and review process is handled internally to maintain an unbiased approach. If communications are necessary, they should be made through the Pharmacy Supply Chain Organization representatives.
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If I have a new drug, how soon will Intermountain Healthcare review it?

Generally, new drugs approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration will not be reviewed until they have been available on the market at least 6-12 months (unique clinical exceptions may apply).

Once a formulary decisions is made, the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee will not re-evaluate the drug or drug class for another two years, unless there are significant changes in drug safety or efficacy that would prompt a second review.

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Can I provide clinical drug education to Intermountain Healthcare employees?

No. Clinician education regarding drug products is handled internally by pharmacy staff. However, in the rare circumstance in which such information is needed, then the pharmaceutical representative should coordinate an education plan with local pharmacy personnel or Intermountain Supply Chain.