You gave a valid username. Please enter the code sent to you on your phone.


1. Go to the App Store (IOS, Android, and Windows Phones).
2. IOS Users will need their Apple ID, and password for Apple, before they try to download the app.
3. Search for Digipass.
4. Download and install the application called Digipass for Mobile Enterprise Sec.
5. Once the application is installed on your phone you can active the application.
6. Open the Digipass Enterprise Application.
7. Select the QR code activation option.
8. Scan the QR code on this screen.
9. Select One Time Password.
10. A 6 digit one time password will be displayed on your phone.
11. Please enter that code on this screen in the textbox and submit.
NOTE: Be aware the passcode is good for 60 seconds, then a different one will appear on the phone.
Please enter the passcode quickly