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    Being a Homebody Doesn’t Mean Having One

    Being a Homebody Doesn’t Mean Having One

    Being a Homebody Doesn’t Mean Having One

    Disclaimer: Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. 

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    COVID-19 has changed a lot about the way we all live our lives. That includes everything from the way we eat and the way we work, to unsurprisingly, the way we workout. Digital wellness was already one of the fastest growing industries, but the pandemic has taken it to all new heights, and it doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. Working out from home is more convenient, more affordable, and less intimidating than going into a gym or workout class. And if it’s the motivation of a great trainer you’re after, that’s available virtually as well. They say that good health happens in the kitchen, but now it’s happening in the living room too.

    If there’s one platform that leads the pack in at-home workouts, it’s Peloton. Peloton has created a huge, cult-like loyal following and for good reason. Their service not only makes it easy to get a workout in, but with social interaction, and gamification, it’s also fun. Their classes are exciting, their trainers are energetic, and above all else, they’ve mastered the art of empowerment. Rather than the typical feeling that one has going to the gym and being judged, when you’re working from the comfort of your own home, you don’t have to worry about the meathead laughing at you from behind your back.

    Since the shutdown, virtual classes have also taken off. Online yoga classes are a great substitute if you already have the basics down. And making it hot is as easy as cranking up the thermostat. But try not to progress too fast. While yoga is thought to be a relaxing activity, by pushing yourself too hard without the watchful eye of a guru, you can get injured if you’re not careful.

    If you’re a fan of video workouts, the replacement for those old fitness DVDs is Mirror. Mirror is a functioning mirror with a screen built into it to play live and recorded workouts. Mirror is similar to Peloton with a high initial investment, but it also has a large variety of activities to choose from, and it offers social interaction and gamification as well. So, if you’re interested in HIIT, cardio, boxing or yoga, Mirror might be something to look into before dropping the money on a Peloton bike or treadmill. 

    It’s clear this new way of incorporating technology into home workouts might actually have some staying power. After all, with such a high price tag, it would be a real tragedy to see a Peloton bike turn into a laundry rack.