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Come Visit Our Booth at HIMSS

Come Visit Our Booth at HIMSS


In addition to the Intermountain MotorLab, an RV which has been converted to transform healthcare by providing a rich patient experience, we’ve brought one of the Healthcare Transformation Lab’s founding partners, Cerner, to demonstrate remote connection to clinicians using Cerner-enabled iPhones. To show the strong connection between our booths, we’ll feature a live feed between the Intermountain MotorLab (booth #3903) and the Cerner booth (#6965). Other Cerner technology will also be present.

We’ve added a multi-camera NICU experience to the MotorLab to demonstrate our 3-in-1 video feed, which connects our clinicians for education, patient and family interaction, and telemedicine care. This technology enables us to bring in multiple caregivers from different locations into a single feed. Not only does this make care more seamless, but it can create a more involved experience with family members.

We’re running 20 Xi3 Near-Edge microserv3rs boxes to power the MotorLab and everything in the booth. This includes networking, remote video connections, and an audio video matrix that can distribute up to 32 AV signals to our 16 displays both inside and outside the MotorLab.

So while you’re here, come and see the other exciting partners and elements of care we’ve brought. If you need a teaser… it involves an 8K glassless 3D display.

We’re excited to bring the Intermountain Healthcare Transformation Lab to HIMSS and demonstrate the technologies and ideas we’re working on to deliver the best care possible.