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    Welcome To The Rise Of A 'Sober Curious' Lifestyle

    Welcome To The Rise Of A 'Sober Curious' Lifestyle

    Welcome To The Rise Of A 'Sober Curious' Lifestyle

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    Double-fisting at a concert. Tailgating at the football game. Happy hours with co-workers. Alcohol plays a big role in America’s classic pass time activities and the total number of cocktails can add up in a hurry. But recently, there’s a big push happening for brands and restaurants to offer non-alcoholic options, thanks to those who are sober curious.

    Who are the sober curious? Well, have you ever wondered what you could get done on a Sunday without the hangover? Or who you are without a beer in your hand at a party? Then you just may be part of the sober curious community. 

    Being sober curious doesn’t mean that you have to give up cold beer cold turkey. It just means it’s nobody else’s business when you decide to not partake in one. This idea comes from the ever popular “wellness-mindset,” but applied to your drinking habits, so you can make it to your spin class on a Tuesday morning or be ultra-focused at work on a Thursday. 

    As more and more people adapt this wellness mindset, we’re seeing a big trend in the rise of non-alcoholic drinks. As booze sales are falling, the market for zero-alcohol beverages is expected to grow by 32% between 2018 and 2022. Why? It may have something to do with the fact that nearly 40% of all global consumers report a desire to cut back on alcohol. So drinks like seltzer, kombucha and O’Douls are getting their moment in the spotlight, now being seen as the smart, healthy choice rather than the subpar “missing out” choice.

    Even big brands like Heineken and Guinness have gotten in the booze-less beer game, making their own zero-proof beers. However, if you’re seeking these options out, you’ll need to look closely at the label. Heineken’s 0.0% beer has the same iconic green bottle as their regular brews, making it easy to camouflage your sober self at Friday happy hours with your coworkers. Either way, no shame in your game. 

    But here’s the beauty of trying out this mostly sober lifestyle… You don’t really need to buy these specialty drinks if you don’t feel the need. Unlike many wellness trends, being sober curious actually saves you money. And no one’s ever regretted that. That’s why this wellness movement is for everyone. 

    So if you’re curious about being sober curious, we recommend you check out the book, Sober Curious: The Blissful Sleep, Greater Focus, Limitless Presence, and Deep Connection Awaiting Us All on the Other Side of Alcohol by Ruby Warrington. Readers from around the world report sleeping better, feeling more present, more focused and more in touch with their emotions. And without the hazy fog of alcohol looming over their personalities, they’re able to be their authentic selves.

    Cheers to that! (With a Shirley Temple, of course.)