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    FINISH STRONG: 3 Reasons Not to Abandon Your 2016 Health Goals

    FINISH STRONG: 3 Reasons Not to Abandon Your 2016 Health Goals

    One of the things I’ve learned as someone who enjoys competing in triathlons is that there are always crucial points where you have a decision to make: Do I pull back and resolve to better in the next race, or focus on this leg of the race and do the best job I possibly can?

    Here are three reasons I believe we should stay focused: 

    Reason #1:  It’s the next step that counts.  It may be commonplace to say that races are completed one step, one swimming stroke, one mile at a time. That’s true, but especially in races that last a lifetime (like our personal health) it’s the next step that really matters. And whether we’ve gone as far as we hoped we would, or lost a little ground, we can always make the next step a good one.

    Reason #2:  It feels good to focus on feeling good.  Whether it’s the first day of a new year or a Tuesday in November, thinking about making positive changes, creating a plan, and investing in ourselves is always energizing.  It’s good to understand that in races, particularly long ones, we’ll often hit “rough patches” where we feel like quitting. When we push through the discomfort, things always end up getting better. It just feels good.                                                                                                           

    Reason #3:  Your good health may be the best gift you give your loved ones this year.   One of the things I appreciate about Intermountain’s LiVe Well program is that it underscores the value of strong and supportive connections with others.  It’s healthy to nurture our relationships—and focusing on the people we value can nourish us in ways the mac ‘n cheese on the buffet table really can’t.  In fact, I believe our good health may be the gift the people we love appreciate most.  

    I find that thinking about the other people in my life is the most inspiring reason to stay the course in the final stretch.