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    Houseplants and Health 101

    Houseplants and Health 101

    Houseplants and Health 101

    Sure, plants are pretty to look at. But they’re more than just eye candy to sprinkle around your abode. These fun and functional decorations also come with a handful of real health benefits. So grab your watering can and sunshine, because we’re about to look at the reasons you should have more houseplants. 

    Let’s Get Humid in Here

    Maybe you’re in a dry climate. Maybe you just like your air with a little extra moisture. Either way, indoor plants can help. They naturally humidify the air around you, which can help reduce your chance of catching a common cold. And unlike a mechanical humidifier, these little guys don’t make any noise.

    Bump Up Your Air Quality

    Plants are like little machines that can remove airborne contaminants and produce fresh air. And who could say no to lower dust levels and cleaner air? Your body will be sure to thank you when you experience less headaches and other ailments thanks to better air quality. 

    Think FTK (For the Kids) 

    We’ve seen that kids can build an immunity or tolerance to pollen and other plant materials if they’re exposed to indoor plants early in life. It may not be as cool as receiving superpowers from a radioactive spider, but it could help them build up antibodies that eliminate or reduce allergic reactions.

    Find Your Zen

    A certain peacefulness comes with plants. People like to have something to take care of — and plants can be that thing. Their presence creates a kind of calm and optimistic atmosphere. Why do you think they’re always sprinkled around spas? In fact, studies have shown that patients recover quicker if their room faces a garden instead of a wall.

    Improve Your Quieter Time

    Cars honking. Dogs barking. Sirens wailing. No one likes to hear these things. Luckily, houseplants can actually create a more sonically insulated space. And if you’re not a carpet kind of person, they’re especially good at absorbing sound in environments with hard surfaces — like hardwood floors. 

    Get Your Snooze On

    Sleep aids can’t get more natural than plants themselves. Gerbera daisies continually produce oxygen during the night, which can lead to a sounder sleeping environment. Try placing a vase of these helpful little buddies on your nightstand and reap the benefits of a more oxygen rich atmosphere.

    Let’s face it — most indoor plants are pretty easy to care for, so you’re coming out ahead in the deal when you adopt a few. So the next time you’re at your local home and garden center, don’t hesitate to pop a few helpful houseplants into your cart!