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New Year, New You? Set Goals Mindfully This Year

New Year, New You? Set Goals Mindfully This Year


New year, new you? We’ve heard that one before, too. The first few weeks of any new year tend to be filled with hope, optimism and a sense of confidence that comes when we convince ourselves a new calendar somehow equates to a better version of ourselves.
But if you’re like the vast majority of Americans, your annual commitment to save more, eat better, shed a bad habit or drop weight doesn’t just seem like a never-ending cycle ala Groundhog Day, it’s often forgotten by then too.  

 In fact, it’s estimated only 10% of us are able to keep our New Year’s resolutions throughout the year, and experts agree, those who are successful are the ones who set goals mindfully. “It’s such an easy routine to fall into,” says Anne McDevitt-Cummins, a wellness coach with Park City Hospital’s LiVe Well Center. “We over-indulge and over-spend the last bit of the year. The merry-making takes priority over exercise. It’s no wonder that by the first of each year we resolve to get our finances and diets in check and our health back on track. But that militant approach isn’t very effective long term.”

That’s where Park City Hospital’s LiVe Well Center can help. On January 27th LiVe Well Center is hosting a half-day mindfulness retreat focused on how to set goals for 2018 and achieve them by living mindfully. The workshop will include seated, walking and movement meditations designed to help participants change the habit loop with self-awareness and self-transformation. Participants are encouraged to dress comfortably and bring a yoga mat. 

“Self-improvement is rarely achievable by sheer determination alone,” added Anne. “Effort and willpower have a role, but it’s relatively small. Setting your resolutions with intention and living mindfully to achieve them is a far greater predictor for success. And LiVe Well Center can help you with that.”     

The mindfulness workshop is $35 per person and is limited to 25 participants. Register online at: or via email:

Additional details:
Mindfulness Retreat
Saturday, January 27th, 9am-12pm
Park City Hospital, Blair Education Center