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Simple Family Summer Activities

Simple Family Summer Activities

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​If you have young children, here are a few ideas to start building some fun summer memories:

Keep cool at a nearby splash pad
Many malls and outdoor shopping centers have splash pads activated all day long.  Make sure your children are dressed in swimsuits, pack some treats or a light lunch, and let the kids have a blast. On hot days, it doesn’t take long to dry off and then do a little window shopping on the way back to the car.

Show your community spirit
Here in Utah, most areas offer city celebrations during the summer including county fairs, tours of historical sites, farmer’s markets, museums, and parades with associated activities that are free or cost very little money.  Check your local chamber of commerce for more information.

Use that noodle!
With a little duct tape and some creativity, average swimming pool noodles can be transformed into incredible noodle ring toys! Play a game of human ring toss or try to toss a straight noodle like a javelin through a noodle ring suspended with a string from a tree branch. To play hockey, release about 20 inflated balloons and have children simultaneously try to bat them into laundry baskets ‘goals’ placed at each end of the backyard using straight noodles.

Explore a city park
The trick is to try one you haven’t been to before—even in a different town. Just like it is more fun to play with another child’s toys it can be much more interesting to explore a brand new playground and feed the ducks in a different pond.

Tour a local business or factory
Many businesses are proud to show off what they do to the admiring public. Not to mention learning about candy factories, bike shops, even scheduling a tour to meet the firefighters at your local firehouse can be a dream come true for your little ones—depending on their interests. The key is to call ahead, be courteous, and have the kids prepare a thank you letter or picture for the company beforehand to give as you leave. Don’t forget to bring the camera!

Post by: Debbie Hema