Organizing Your Workday


So you landed your new role at Intermountain Healthcare, but now you need to figure out just how to go about your day to day. Getting started at a new job can add stress to your life that doesn't need to be there. Making a plan for how you are going to tackle the first few weeks of a new job can make all the difference when you step foot in the door on your first day.

Talk to Your Manager

Understanding what your first few weeks is going to be like is super important. It's nice to know if you'll need to attend any training or if you'll need to bring certain materials with you as well. Communicating with your manager before your first day will make it that much easier for you!

Communicate Your Work Hours

Some positions might have different shifts each day. Make sure you know when you are supposed to begin working. You wouldn't want to miss your first day due to miscommunications!

Start a New Planner/Notebook

If starting a new job with new tasks feels like a struggle, than starting fresh with a new planner & notebook might be right for you. The feeling of opening up a notebook and starting new can be one of the most rewarding feeling. Once you get to your new desk, or new workspace, open up your notebook to page one and start a to do list. During your first week that to do list might be as simple as; complete paperwork, complete online training, and familiarize with office. Crossing off tasks, even if they are simple as that, is very rewarding.

Bring a Few Sentimental Items

Decorating your work area can really make a difference in how you feel coming into the office every day. If you have a dedicated space for this, you might want to bring in a few photos that remind you of home and make you smile. Having some pens or pencils you enjoy writing with, and a funny quote or two can also make a desk space seem more inviting!

We wish you luck on your first day and can't wait to see how your career with Intermountain Healthcare evolves.