Spring Cleaning Your Home


Open the windows

One of the best parts of spring cleaning is the breeze that comes in, when your windows are open. Opening the windows can feel like you’re letting fresh air in and all of the musty-winter-smelling-air out.

Do a serious removal of items

When you are spring cleaning, you should know that a serious removal of items is helpful. The more junk you get rid of, the better. I like to donate what I can and try not to throw out too many items. It’s always better to reuse and recycle as much as possible.

Start in the kitchen

The kitchen always seems to be the messiest location for cleaning. Starting in the kitchen allows you to get the toughest job out of the way first. Your best bet is to clean out the cabinets, wash them down, and clear the counter tops. Cleaning out from under all of the appliances is also a good idea.

Wash your curtains

The last thing you want to do is remove your curtains and wash them, but this helps relieve your house of dust. Dust can affect your allergies, especially in the spring months. While it can be a pain to take them down and put them back up, it’s worth it in the long run.

Move to the living room

Something else to keep in mind, when spring cleaning, is to tackle your living room. Pull out the couches and get between the couch and under it. Dust can build up in the weirdest places, so it’s wise to take care of this area of the house.

Move from room to room

The best advice for spring cleaning your home would be to clean each room from top to bottom. Once you’re finished with one room, feel free to move onto the next one. Soon enough, your whole house will be done with the spring cleaning phase!

Spring cleaning is essential to ensure all dust mites and germs are removed from the winter months. You will feel better once you remove the clutter and germs from your house this spring. Do you have any spring cleaning tips to give to anyone else?