What is concierge medicine?

what is concierge medicine
The convenience of a concierge, the trusted expertise of a physician

Concierge service has long been considered an indispensable amenity at sophisticated hotels and resorts around the world. Concierges make reservations and recommendations, arrange transportation and curated experiences, and even secure VIP access to exclusive events. Overall, concierges anticipate a guest’s needs, handle the details, deliver personalized service, and make life a little less complicated for those relying on them. So why do we limit convenience and hassle-free living to a business trip or weekend getaway?

At Intermountain Healthcare’s Park City Hospital, we believe your health and medical care can be just as convenient and personalized as your stay at a luxury resort. That’s why we recently launched Concierge Health, a premium healthcare membership that provides concierge medicine services including direct and unfettered access to your primary care physician, customized services, and personal health recommendations and referrals to help you live the healthiest life possible.

Even better, Concierge Health’s affordable annual fee includes a comprehensive medical assessment, annual preventive exams and testing, hospital and care navigation, 24/7 access to your concierge doctor, unlimited office and TeleHealth visits, and primary care services and procedures with no copays or deductibles.

Concierge medicine pros and cons

It’s best to do some research and consider your healthcare needs to determine if concierge medicine is right for you. The benefits of concierge medicine include:

  • Comprehensive Appointments. A concierge medical practice limits the number of patients by roughly 80% of a traditional primary care practice. This means your concierge doctor can spend more time with you to discuss concerns, understand your health history, and assess your needs. You’ll develop a personal relationship with your concierge doctor and never have to worry about making an appointment weeks or even months in advance.
  • Availability. As an annual member, you’ll enjoy 24/7 access to your concierge doctor and individually tailored support via text, email, or phone.
  • Prevention & Treatment. Because concierge medicine allows for longer, more in-depth appointments, your concierge doctor will have ample time to review your entire health history each visit, discuss any concerns, and make important connections between recent lifestyle changes and your health. This familiarity allows for early identification, diagnosis, and treatment. For patients with chronic diseases, these frequent and comprehensive visits ensure symptoms are constantly monitored and any possible disease progression is noticed quickly.
  • Cost-effective. Because a concierge medical practice restricts the number of patients, concierge doctors have more time to gain insight into a patient’s health. Often, this means the number of tests and procedures traditionally ordered to diagnose an issue are reduced, which helps control the healthcare costs for patients of concierge medicine.

Concierge medicine and health insurance

For most patients, the largest drawback to concierge medicine is that it is not health insurance or a replacement for it, meaning it works best as an add-on to your existing health plan. You’ll still need your regular health insurance for specialized treatments and catastrophic care. And if you need a higher level of care than your concierge doctor can provide, you’ll have a deductible and out-of-pocket costs.

The Intermountain Concierge Health at Park City Hospital is offered by Dr. Winston Bokor who is board-certified in internal medicine and infectious disease. To learn more about Dr. Bokor or enroll in the Intermountain Concierge Health and start enjoying the benefits of concierge medicine, call 435-658-6750.