Learn why physicians from France, Singapore, Sweden, Spain, Mexico, and Memphis come to Intermountain to learn how a focus on improving quality saves money and improves lives.

To paraphrase Dickens, in the world of healthcare this is the "best of times and the worst of times." Medical knowledge doubles roughly every seven years. Yet, Don Berwick of Harvard University and former president of the renowned Institute for Healthcare Improvement, claims we waste 30 percent of those dollars due to sub-standard care and the failure to implement what we know in medicine.

Is there a solution to be found in "best practice?" Can we address unsustainable cost pressures, patient safety concerns, and access to care by improving quality? Many claim the relentless quest for improvement. Few achieve it.

At Intermountain Healthcare, our goal is to provide a patient experience that is matched by none. This presentation shares our challenges and successes as we've worked to find best practice and implement it systemwide.