Mobile Mammography

It's Never Been Easier to Get a Mammogram

Utah ranks as one of the lowest in the nation when it comes to women getting mammograms, and Intermountain Healthcare wants to change that. Intermountain Healthcare Mobile Mammography is making getting a mammogram easier than ever. Our new mobile mammogram facility will be parked at locations across the state starting fall 2019. A schedule of those locations will be posted on this page. 

According to Intermountain Healthcare guidelines, women at an average risk for breast cancer should begin their annual screening mammography at the age of 40 — and should continue screening for as long as they're healthy. 

Breast cancer is not only treatable, it’s curable if it’s caught early enough. Mammography has been shown in multiple scientific studies to be the only test that decreases the death rate from breast cancer. In the event that you are diagnosed with breast cancer, Intermountain Healthcare has comprehensive breast cancer services tailored to your individual needs. With early detection, your chances for successful treatment and cure have never been better.

This form should not be used for urgent care matters or potentially life threatening conditions. In those situations, please contact 911 or head to the nearest Instacare or emergency room.

If you have not been contacted by a mammography scheduling representative within 72 hours, please call us at 801-507-7840 to schedule your appointment.

Schedule an Event

If you are interested in having Intermountain Healthcare Mobile Mammography come to your business, please fill out the form below. In order to bring this potentially life-saving cancer screening service to as many women as possible, we ask that you provide a minimum of 15 scheduled mammography appointments each day. We can accommodate a schedule of up to 20-25 patients per day. Click to learn more about our requirements for a Mobile Mammography event.

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