Utah Occupational Medicine and Industrial Healthcare

Whether you're blue collar, white collar, or any other, Intermountain WorkMed is here for you. Whether you're employee or employer, if there's an injury on the job, visit our physicians at WorkMed; our physicians are specially trained to treat people hurt on the job, to expedite treatment and recovery in a timely manner, and get you healthy and back to work.

The Intermountain WorkMed Clinic Network specializes in providing occupational health services to the communities of Utah and Southern Idaho. Through a coordinated network of 13 clinics integrated into Intermountain Healthcare's more than 180 primary care locations, our occupational health services are focused on industrial injury care, drug testing, and employment-related physicals.

WorkMed clinics accept all Workers Compensation insurances.

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Services and Resources

Intermountain WorkMed has extensive support, resources, and reach throughout Utah. We provide services from wellness checks to injury care and everything in-between.



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Why WorkMed?

Learn why Intermountain WorkMed is the best provider of continuous occupational health services to Utah and southern Idaho.