Intermountain's WorkMed is the largest integrated occupational health network in Utah and a preferred provider for the Workers Compensation Fund. We offer a comprehensive and highly tailored approach to occupational health services. With our convenient hours and locations, as well as on-demand, immediate access to qualified providers, we provide timely delivery of high-quality services. For over 30 years, Intermountain has been working with empoyers, industrially injured workers, and workers compensation carriers. The Intermountain WorkMed network has been the preferred medical provider for the Workers Compensation Fund (WCF) for over ten years and also works closely with all other industrial insurance carriers throughout the community.

Our Focus

We provide high quality, prompt medical care and occupational health services while helping companies reduce workers' compensation costs and lost productivity.

Continuous Care

The Intermountain WorkMed network is supported by Intermountain Medical Group facilities including InstaCare clinics, and by Intermountain hospital emergency rooms for after-hours and emergency care. Intermountain's implementation of our new digital medical record system means we can track your care no matter where you receive it throughout Intermountain Healthcare. This means care can be obtained anywhere, any time, with no danger of complications in documentation and record keeping, allowing WorkMed to make sure your claims are seamless and bulletproof.

Assistance with Compliance

We offer assistance with compliance to all federal, state, and local agencies including:

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) DOT (Department of Transportation)
ADA ( Americans with Disabilities Act) Utah Labor Commission

Employer Benefits

We offer a full range of occupational health services and standardized care that meets your company's policies and procedures.

Benefits of using WorkMed to the employer include:

  • Contained workers' compensation costs
  • Reduced/eliminated lost time at work, improving productivity
  • Work-site visits, tours, trainings screenings, and health/safety promotion services from our medical providers

Workers' Compensations

Unmanaged workers' compensation claims increase the costs of:

  • Medical expenses
  • Indemnity costs
  • Insurance premiums

We provide expert work injury case management to ensure your employee receives the best care at the best price. WorkMed clinics accept all Workers Compensation insurances.

WorkMed will help you contain these costs and manage workers' compensation. We also provide timely and accurate injury reporting.

Employee Benefits

Your employees will also benefit from using WorkMed. They will:

  • Receive respectful, compassionate, fair, and objective care that meets their needs and your company's expectations.
  • Be cared for by expert medical providers including occupational physicians, physical therapists, and care managers.
  • Have access to convenient office hours that coordinate with their work hours.