At Intermountain, we help people live the healthiest lives possible. We recognize that maintaining the status quo in American healthcare is not an option. The current U.S. healthcare delivery system: 1) produces costs that are too high and increasing at an unsustainable rate, and 2) does not provide a corresponding benefit to Americans’ overall health.

Intermountain Healthcare's Shared Accountability initiative is our approach to achieve three important goals:

  • The best health for those we serve
  • The best care for patients
  • Affordable and sustainable costs

We use three key strategies to achieve these benefits: 

  1. Redesigning care through developing and consistently using standards of care based on treatments proven effective
  2. Engaging patients in their health and care choices
  3. Aligning financial incentives for everyone with a stake in healthcare 

Trustee Learning Module

This educational learning module describes Intermountain's shared accountability goals toward providing better care, better health, and better management of costs.

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