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Fifteen firefighters from around Salt Lake County competed in the 2014 My Heart Challenge, which provided an opportunity for them to improve their heart health by making positive lifestyle choices, including diet and exercise.

During the three month challenge, the 15 firefighters worked with a dietitian, exercise trainer and others to help them identify the areas they needed to improve and provided guidance on how to do that. 

See some of the tips they got on how to eat better and exercise right by visiting the My Heart Challenge blog.

History of the My Heart Challenge

  • In 2013, 15 elementary school principals fought to be at the head of their class by making positive changes to their nutrition and exercise routines. They were amazing examples for all of their students.
  • In 2012, mayors and community leaders stepped up to the 100-day challenge during the My Heart Challenge’s inaugural year.

The success of those two 100-day challenges launched the challenge into its third year with yet another group of participants — fire fighters from around Salt Lake County.

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