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Shock Trauma Respiratory ICU

A Unique Intensive Care Unit

This unique and nationally recognized intensive care unit cares for severely traumatized and critically ill patients referred throughout the Intermountain West.

In addition to the private physicians and consultants who regularly admit to this intensive care unit, four full-time critical care faculty physicians oversee the critical care training of fellows, residents, interns and students in the fields of medicine, anesthesia, surgery, family practice medicine and nursing.

Because of this unit's commitment to education and research outcome studies, the Shock Trauma/Respiratory ICU has gained wide acceptance as a premier intensive care unit in providing critical care to the seriously ill or injured.

Consultation regarding the care or the transport of the critically ill or injured can be obtained 24 hours a day by contacting the on-call, full-time critical care faculty physician through Life Flight.

Follow-up regarding patients admitted to the Shock Trauma/Respiratory ICU can be obtained by directly calling the unit and asking for the on-call, full-time critical care faculty physician or the patient's attending nurse.

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