Logan Regional Hospital

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Early 1900s

Budge Memorial Hospital

Logan LDS Hospital

Current hospital under construction in 1980

New Women & Newborn Center, 2007

Historical Timeline

  • 1870s-1900, Pre-Hospital Roots
  • 1903-1914, First Hospitals
  • 1914-1925, Utah Idaho Hospital
  • 1926-1948, William Budge Memorial Hospital
  • 1948-1975, Logan LDS Hospital
  • 1975-1980, Logan Hospital, owned by IHC
  • 1980-present, Intermountain Logan Regional Hospital

The first trained physicians began practicing in Cache Valley in the 1870s and 1880s. Patients requiring major care were often kept in a room in the physician's office or home, or at the Cache Valley House, a Logan Hotel located on Center Street where Stork's Landing now resides.

In 1903, Dr. D.C. Budge joined with Dr. W.R. Calderwood to open Cache Valley's first seven-bed hospital on the corner of Center and Second West. Two years later in 1905, The Budge Hospital moved from its original 1903 location to the Amussen Building on Center and 100 West. This 18-bed hospital had a staff of five doctors. In 1908, Drs. D.C. and T.B. Budge started a movement to erect a new hospital incorporating the latest improvements in hospital construction.

The Utah-Idaho Hospital was completed in 1914 near the Logan LDS Temple. The hospital included about 50 beds, x-ray, and "modern patient conveniences." Still, the constraints and culture of the time limited the scope of hospital services to cases such as surgery, maternity care and broken bones. Article VIII of the hospital's bylaws, titled "Diseases Excluded From Hospital," stated, "No benefits of the hospital shall be extended to any patients afflicted with such diseases as small pox, yellow fever, bubonic plague, diphtheria, measles, scarlet fever, mumps, epidemic cerebro spinal meningitis, hydrophobia, tetanus, all insanity cases, or any other contagious or infectious disease subject to Federal, State, County or Municipal quarantine."

In 1926, an addition was added to the hospital making it a 100-bed facility with six operating rooms. The name was changed to William Budge Memorial Hospital. A competing hospital, Cache Valley General Hospital, opened in 1920 on Main Street. A new Cache Valley General Hospital facility was built at 52 North 100 East, just east of the Tabernacle, in 1929. From 1929-1948, The Cache Valley and Budge Memorial Hospitals were rivals for the medical business of Cache Valley. In 1948, the LDS Church acquired both Budge Memorial Hospital and the Cache Valley General Hospital as part of the Church's health system. Cache Valley General was closed and all county medical care was consolidated at the Budge Memorial Hospital. The hospital's name was changed to the Logan LDS Hospital. At that time, there were 18 physicians on the medical staff.

A significant Logan LDS Hospital expansion was completed in 1959 - the last expansion for the hospital at this location.

In 1975, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints turned over its system of 15 hospitals - including Logan LDS Hospital - to the communities they served. A secular, non-profit health care system, Intermountain Healthcare was formed to operate the hospital system. Logan LDS Hospital was renamed Logan Hospital. It had 126 beds and more than 55 physicians on the medical staff. By 1977, the aging hospital was stretched beyond its capacity. The decision was made to build a new, modern facility.

In 1980, Intermountain Healthcare opened a new, state-of-the-art medical facility at 500 East 1400 North in Logan. Since that time, a medical office building, the Intermountain Budge Clinic, and many inpatient and outpatient services have been added to the hospital campus. Our new state-of-the-art Women & Newborn Center opened in October 2007, and our new Cancer Center opened in May 2008.

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