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Logan Regional Hospital’s Dialysis team provides hemodialysis to both adult and pediatric patients. The Dialysis team consists of a board-certified nephrologist specializing in kidney disease, registered nurses, specially trained technicians, social workers, and a certified diabetic and renal educator.

The department also offers a number of diabetes education programs through the hospital’s Kidney Clinic to give patients the tools and support they need to help them meet the challenges that come with chronic kidney disease (CKD).

About Logan Regional Hospital’s Kidney Clinic

Education about your diabetes can help you improve your quality of life. The Kidney Clinic at Logan Regional Hospital gives people living with renal disease the opportunity to learn and manage their health so that they can maintain adequate kidney function for as long as possible.

The Kidney Clinic was introduced in response to a nationwide initiative seeking to identify more than 26 million Americans with undiagnosed kidney disease.

How can our team of professionals help?

Ultimately you are in charge of managing CKD, but our team of healthcare professionals can guide you in making decisions that are best for you. In addition, they will help you to:

  • Stay involved in managing CKD.
  • Understand your kidney’s role in keeping your body healthy.
  • Understand what causes kidney disease and the signs and symptoms.
  • Understand key laboratory values that your physician will discuss with you (i.e., potassium, creatinine, and BUN).
  • Understand the role of good nutrition and how your eating habits affect your kidney function and other health issues.
  • Better manage diabetes and blood pressure (the most common causes of kidney disease).
  • Maintain your bone health and avoid anemia.
  • Develop effective coping methods.
  • Connect with important resources in your community.

Additional Resources and Support

More online information about CKD and resources to help you are found at:

Dialysis and Kidney Clinic
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