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Please call the Logan Regional Hospital Women and Newborn Center at (435) 716-2560 for more information, to register, or to receive a listing of when classes are scheduled to begin. Or you may click on this link for a copy of our class schedule: 

Prenatal Series

Our prenatal series at Logan Regional Hospital includes a range of prenatal and parenting classes, including New Beginnings, Prenatal Childbirth, Lamaze, Breastfeeding, and Infant Safety. Each Class is described below.

Early Pregnancy Class. This class is for expectant parents in the earliest stages of pregnancy through the sixth month. It offers information about exercise, nutrition, discomforts of pregnancy, as well as physical/emotional changes associated with pregnancy. At the completion of this class, it is suggested that you register for the Prepared Childbirth Course, or Lamaze class.

Parenting Class. Many parents-to-be have concerns about the physical and mental preparation necessary for successful parenting. Topics include: How to bathe your baby, growth and development of a newborn, infant care, how to comfort a fussy baby, bonding and attachment, and communicating with your newborn.

Lamaze. Six-week course taken towards the end of your sixth month, utilizes the Lamaze techniques of relaxation and breathing to learn about labor and delivery, medications, hospital procedures, newborn care, and post-partum adjustments. Includes Women and Newborn Center tour.

Prepared Childbirth Course. This series of classes should be taken around your sixth or seventh month of pregnancy. In four sessions, you will learn about breathing and relaxation, labor and delivery, medications during labor, the post-partum period, and newborn care. Includes a tour of the Women and Newborn Center.

Prenatal Weekend Option. For those with schedules that won't accommodate regular Prepared Childbirth Course times, this offers the same course agenda condensed into and intensive eight and one-half hour class that is offered on Friday evening and all day Saturday that includes breathing and relaxation, labor and delivery, medications during labor, the post-partum period, and newborn care. Includes a tour of the Women and Newborn Center.

Breastfeeding Class. Taught by International Board Certified Lactation Consultants, this one evening class will help educate expectant parents about the art of breastfeeding and its benefits to both mom and baby. Learn how to have a positive experience and get breastfeeding off to a good start with proper latch-on techniques, nursing positions, engorgement prevention, as well as expression and storage of breast milk.

Prenatal/Lamaze One-Night Refresher. If you have already had a baby this course will reacquaint you with the birthing experience. One night class includes a "brush-up" on breathing and relaxation techniques, review labor and delivery, information on sibling and family adjustment, and a Women and Newborn Center tour.

Big Brother/Big Sister Party. This class helps prepare siblings ages 3-8 for the arrival of a new baby. Participants will learn to understand the changes that are about to occur in their family and how to properly handle the new baby. At least one parent or adult must attend. A tour the Women and Newborn Center is included.

Hypnobirthing​​​®. This is a five-week course for those who desire a natural approach to childbirth. This class will teach techniques for relaxation and visualization, along with physical exercise. You will learn how to develop a calm approach to pregnancy that will enable you to prepare for a safer, easier, more comfortable birth. This class can be taken any time after 15 weeks of pregnancy. Cost $100.00 per couple Register by calling 435- 716-2560.

Specialty Classes:

On Our Own: A one-time class for those who are single and pregnant. Cost: $35.

C-Section Class: A one-time class for those expecting to deliver by Cesarean Section.

Childbirth Education At Home: Preselected videos and education manual.

Infant Safety. Join our expert for up-to-date information on Infant CPR and Car seat safety. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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