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Healthy Lifestyle Evaluations

Most of our services are now insurance billable.
The LiVe Well Center program provides a healthy lifestyle evalution, which puts you back in charge of your own health.
We use a variety of evalution tools-including blood tests, physical functional tests, and lifestyle assessments-to gain a complete picture of your current state of health. We then create a customized plan that will give you the education and tolls you need to restore or improve your wellness based on outcomes of the assessments conducted. You will learn about drug-free treatments for many disorders and will develop a healthy, preventative lifestyle that helps you avoid illness and recover from injuries more quickly.  In addition, LiVe Well professionals will supports your goals and track your progress. 
Have you ever wondered why society spends more time and money treating disease than supporting wellness? You can change that pattern for yourself or your family using the tools provided by the LiVe Well Center's wellness programs.  It's easy to get started! Contact us now to learn more or make an appointment, and today can be the day that you take charge of your health.


Healthy Lifestyle Evaluation
Covered by most insurance plans as an annual physical, or self-pay
This medical evaluation measures daily behaviors that impact health, including:
• Health risk management
• Nutrition appraisal
• Stress and sleep
• Personal habits that create risk
• Cardiopulmonary assessment
• Strength and flexibility
• Body composition
• Blood work analysis
• Health advocacy support
• Exercise recommendations
LiVe Well Assessment
90 minutes with exercise physiologist, self-pay
• Resting metabolic rate
• Body composition
• Nutrition counseling
• Exercise prescription

Additional Services

Resting Metabolic Rate: This determines the amount of calories your body needs for your vital organs to function while at rest, helping you customize a nutrition plan for optimal health and fitness.
Body Composition: The Dexa Scan for body composition is a precise, non-invasive X-ray to measure percent of body fat. This includes muscle mass, fat mass (especially surrounding the internal organs), and bone mass.
The Impedance Scale provides a calculation of body fat and muscle percentages.
Registered Dietitian Consult: (Covered by most insurance plans)
Registered dietitians will evaluate current eating habits, help you establish and maintain a healthy diet while taking into account food allergies and other important considerations such as heart disease, cancer, pregnancy, pre-diabetes, and digestive problems.
Hormone Testing: (Call for more info.) Age related hormone screening for men and women.
Healthy Lifestyle Coaching: (Call for more information, pricing packages vary)
Healthy Lifestyle Coaching is a natural follow-up to your Healthy Lifestyle Evaluation. Coaches use your results from this appointment and help you develop the mindset, skills and motivation needed to make lasting lifestyle changes.

Education Classes

Weigh to Health Class: $295 (Covered by Select Health and Educators Mutual Insurance)
This is a nutrition program for adults who want to lose weight and improve health. Included are two personalized sessions with a registered dietitian.
Heart 4 Life Program: (May be covered by insurance)
This 4-week individualized program will focus on cardiac health, exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle choices.
Pre-Diabetes Class: (Free)
In this two-hour class we will discuss the disease process of diabetes and offer resources to help you lower blood sugars and prevent type II diabetes.
Most insurances will now cover a yearly preventative wellness exam through the Preventive Wellness Benefit, under the Affordable Care Act. If you expect your insurance company to cover the cost of your examination, we highly recommend that you check with your insurance company before scheduling your appointment. It is your responsibility to know what your insurance will and will not cover.
We are not authorized to bill Medicare. If you are a Medicare patient, we will ask you to sign a "Medicare Waiver," and we appreciate full payment the day of assessment