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About Cathy

Cathy was diagnosed with alpha-1 anti-trypsin deficiency syndrome when she was one-month-old. She was referred by her primary care physician to the liver clinic at Primary Children's Hospital. Cathy's liver was affected by this genetic disorder, but she was able to maintain a fairly normal life until July 2010.

On July 28 of that year, Cathy was not feeling well. It became evident that she was bleeding internally, and that her liver was in end stage liver disease - meaning that she needed to be placed on the liver transplant waiting list. She had also developed a need for oxygen. Cathy's doctors were able to get all of the necessary work-up for the transplant list done while she was in the hospital, and Cathy was officially listed for a liver transplant on August 4, 2010.


During the next six months, through the faith and prayers of many, the doctors were able to keep Cathy stabilized with medications and oxygen. She had regular follow-ups until she was able to get her transplant on February 3, 2011. Cathy, her family, and friends are so grateful for the medical care that she has received and for the gift of life that was made possible through her organ donor. She spent just over two weeks in the hospital following her transplant. Cathy has new medications, still has lab draws regularly, and monthly visits to the liver clinic; but she is getting back to a more normal life. She enjoys sewing, crafts, and being creative. She is a great big sister to her four brothers and baby sister.


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