Enterprise Data Warehouse

The EDW is a large database comprised of data from most of Intermountain’s electronic systems, including financial and clinical datasets alike. Data are integrated, organized, structured and cataloged to facilitate population-based analysis, queries, and research. For research purposes, EDW data and associated support staff can be used to determine if patient data exists when planning research projects, assist in writing data queries to extract data, facilitate researchers getting direct access to EDW if deemed appropriate, create reports, provide some statistical support, and provide training on using EDW tools. Please submit research data requests through the RMS system or if you have questions please contact Lee Pierce at (801) 442-3734, Lee.Pierce@imail.org.

Homer Warner Center for Informatics Research

The Homer Warner Center for Informatics Research department is involved in research into Clinical Decision Support, Data Modeling, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, and, in collaboration with the CGI, applications in Clinical Genetics. They also develop novel, computer-based approaches to the delivery of classical research protocols. Additionally, independent research is conducted and assistance is available to researchers where natural language processing tools are required. Contact Peter Haug at (801) 507-9253, Peter.Haug@imail.org or Jason Gagner at (801) 507-9243, Jason.Gagner@imail.org.

Institute for Healthcare Leadership

The “Institute” is known for training healthcare providers in quality improvement. Institute analysts directly support Intermountain clinical programs offering research support and consulting services in the development, definition and measurement requirements that describe key processes specific to existing clinical programs. Track cost, charges, length-of-stay and readmission, survival, utilization, and customer satisfaction/perception of quality metrics. Advanced knowledge of statistical analysis as applied to clinical outcomes by assess/support clinical performance and patient safety objectives develop, track and disseminate quality improvement measures, ongoing assessment and implementation of new quality measures, periodic data mining of existing data as they relate to Intermountain clinical programs. Contact Lucy Savitz, PhD at (801) 442-3049, Lucy.Savitz@imail.org

Statistical Data Center

The SDC is a department of statisticians who are available to assist researchers with: assistance in training personnel on the basics of clinical trials, refining research questions, study design, power/sample size calculation, randomization strategies, assistance in designing data collection protocols, analysis and interpretation of results including preparation of graphs/charts/tables, assistance in writing/reviewing statistical portions of grant proposals, publications, and presentations. Contact Greg Snow at (801) 408-8111, Greg.Snow@imail.org.​

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