The Clinical Genetics Institute provides testing, diagnostic, and counseling services to adults and children. In addition, CGI staff are involved in evaluating advances in genetic medicine, developing new genetic intervention protocols, and learning how to apply genetic information to disease prevention and treatment.

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New Genetic Insights

The CGI has posted four new genetic condition guidelines. These guidelines were created by the DYSCERNE group using a new approach utilizing multidisciplinary groups of practicing clinicians to review evidence and collaborate on the best patient management options. This system results in validated and specific guidelines to benefit patient care.​​
Jim Gudgeon

Lynch Syndrome Screening Model

A study led by CGI's Jim (James) Gudgeon has been published in the August edition of The American Journal of Managed Care. With other researchers and clinicians at Intermountain, this study developed a system for screening colon cancer patients with existing genetic tests to determine if patients have Lynch Syndrome, an inherited syndrome that increases cancer risk significantly.
Grant Wood

HL7 Genetic Testing Webinar with Speaker Grant Wood

CGI's Business Analyst, Grant Wood presented for the August 3, 2011 HL7 Webinar discussing interoperability standards for family health history and genetic test results in the electronic health record. Individuals from nine different countries attended this webinar.

Family History & Genetics

Family history is known to be a risk factor for many common, chronic conditions such as coronary artery disease, hypertension, stroke, and diabetes. Collecting family history data can help medical professionals identify families at increased risk for the development of certain types of cancer.
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