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Debbie Kim, APRN, MSN
ICDP Program Manager

Sandy Walker
ICDP Coordinator

Our classrooms can accommodate a variety of room configurations. The large space comfortably accommodates 45.


Welcome to the Intermountain Center for Disaster Preparedness!

The Intermountain Center for Disaster Preparedness (ICDP) is a local and regional disaster training center, presently located on the northeast corner of 3rd floor at the LDS Hospital. Our unique center offers 21 functional patient care rooms  and two large class rooms which comfortably accommodates students, enabling them to train together as they would work together in an actual disaster situation.

The ICDP opened in March of 2012. Since that time we have provided training and education to over 1,742 individuals in the greater Utah region. We are an accredited provider of the National Disaster Life Support Foundation's suite of courses, which include Core (CDLS), Basic (BDLS) and Advanced Life Support (ADLS) courses.

ICDP Focus Areas

The ICDP has several focus areas. They include:
  • Providing disaster training for "first responders" (police, fire, EMS) and other healthcare providers. Training on disaster-related fundamentals encourages a well rehearsed and coordinated response.
  • To establish, improve, conduct research and practice mass casualty care methodology.
  • Serve as a center for medical triage. The ICDP can serve as a casualty collection point for evaluation and distribution to other acute care facilities as available or appropriate.
  • Provide acute care surge capacity that can be activated in the event that hospital demand resulting from a disaster situation outstrips the regional supply. 

Upcoming Events

We are in the process of planning events for the remainder of 2014. We will be adding two exciting courses: Healthcare Leadership during an Emergency or Disaster Situation (full day) and Healthcare Incident Command System (half day). If you have an immediate need for an event, contact Debbie Kim for assistance.

Basic Disaster Life Support (BDLS)

This class will be held on Friday, April 25, 2014, at the Intermountain Center for Disaster Preparedness (ICDP), 3rd floor, LDS Hospital. Course fee is $55.00, payable in advance or at the door. 

Advanced Disaster Life Support (ADLS)

This class will be held on Thursday and Friday, June 4-5, 2014, at the ICDP, 3rd floor, LDS Hospital. Attendees must complete the Basic Disaster Life Support class before they are able to take this class. Course fee is $80.00, payable in advance or at the door.

Hazardous Materials - Hospital Operations

Hazardous Materials Operations will be held on Thursday, April 24, 2014. 

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