Life Flight

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Life Flight Communication Center

Transporting patients requires an extraordinary amount of information be gathered, organized, and disseminated in an accurate and efficient manner. Life Flight handles this challenge by staffing the communication center with highly trained operational controllers and communications specialists 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Both operational controllers and communications specialists receive in-depth training and are certified by the National Association for Air Medical Communications Specialists (NAACS).

Operational Controllers

Operational controllers assist pilots by verifying that operations are conducted in accordance with FAA requirements and by providing valuable support services. They verify certain requirements are met, such as crew member training, currency and certification, aircraft maintenance, airworthiness, hazardous weather information, fuel, and flight following. They also monitor flight conditions and provide secondary support for pilots during all phases of transport.

Communications Specialists

Communications specialists are the voice of Life Flight for our customers. Using a Siemens telephone network and UHF, VHF, and 800 Mhz radios, they assist and coordinate with EMS, hospitals, clinics, and physicians by skillfully managing all the details and information necessary to organize and safely transport a patient in the quickest way possible.

The communication center's staff is often called upon to locate data concerning airports, helipads, landing zones, and identify scene locations using specialized software and mapping skills. They are skilled in discerning scene flight information including latitude and longitude as well as elevation and headings. Due to the importance of flight following, both communications specialists and operational controllers are trained to flight follow aircraft and both have extensive radio and telecommunications knowledge.

Medical Control

Life Fight medical control physicians are in contact with both the referring physician and the flight team. These physicians are available for patients of all ages and are experts in their respective fields.

Our communication center can also conference you with both emergency department and critical care physicians in adult, pediatric, and neonatal specialty resource centers for consultation.

  • Hospital to Hospital - Referring doctor or designee should contact Life Flight Communications to request transport.
  • Scene to Hospital - Referring unit (i.e. police, fire, EMS, or other designated public servant) should contact their respective dispatch center, if possible, to coordinate transport to avoid "double-dispatching" with another service.
  • Private Citizen or Physician - If you are a private citizen and feel you need Life Flight's services, immediately dial 911. If you call Life Flight, our communication center will conference you with the closest 911 communication center to ensure that you receive a prompt medical evaluation by your local EMS providers.

If you have determined that your patient will require critical care transport by Life Flight, whether by air or ground, contact our communication center at 1-800-321-1911, and our communication specialists will activate the closest team with the most appropriate aircraft or vehicle.

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