Intermountain Healthcare has identified five key areas integral to its mission of helping people live the healthiest lives possible and will use these public policy areas to demonstrate advocacy and encourage government and community leaders to support the issues. These key areas are directly related to the evolving healthcare landscape and will allow the community to move forward on some of the most pressing challenges that the healthcare industry faces today.

Key Policy Areas for Advocacy and Influence

  1. Advancement of Value-based Care: Core to Intermountain’s mission is the advancement and growth of value-based care. Intermountain is committed to the entire care journey, rewarding caregivers for keeping patients well and out of the hospital. This approach makes care more affordable and improves transparency essential for patients to make the best decisions for themselves and their families. Intermountain knows the importance of leadership and sharing a model proven to support a healthier community and is committed to continued collaboration. 
  2. Coverage & Access: Intermountain knows that access to affordable healthcare and insurance coverage is critical to patients’ ability to live their healthiest lives. Advocacy and provision of coverage and access to healthcare is best achieved through a system with multiple payers, including both private and public payers, and strong competition among those payers.
  3. Health Equity & Inclusion: Intermountain believes that everyone, regardless of race, religion, language, sexual preference, or other lived experiences deserves the same high-quality care at an affordable cost. Intermountain will lead in the communities it operates as an equal and just employer and eliminate disparities in care delivery.
  4. Social & Environmental Determinants of Health: Intermountain works to provide care to the whole person, seeking to understand the environment in which they live and how that may affect their health outcomes. Intermountain is committed to continued discovery and understanding of the impact of the social and environmental determinants on an individual’s health and will continue to lead on these initiatives both locally and nationally.
  5. Growth & Scale: Growth will not only enable Intermountain’s ability to provide high-quality, accessible, and affordable healthcare to new markets and communities, but also support the essential services and work that is performed in Utah, Nevada, and Idaho and other expansion areas with existing members, patients, and communities. Intermountain will demonstrate to the country what it means to be a model of responsible and appropriate growth. As Intermountain continues to grow, its relevance and ability to influence will also increase, enabling it to increase its advocacy for the needs of the communities that it serves.