Our goal at Laboratory Services is to become your partner in the care of your patients.  We do this by combining advanced laboratory testing options, competitive prices, a wide range of connectivity solutions and a level of service otherwise unseen in today’s laboratory industry.

Convenient Lab Locations

Our broad network of draw centers allows your patients to receive the best possible care close to home. We perform all testing in Salt Lake City, which allows us to respond to you quickly and efficiently, while keeping costs low.

Advanced Testing Options

We offer the latest in laboratory medicine enabling the highest quality care for your patients. From routine chemistry and hematology testing to the most advanced microbiology, PCR, and molecular-based tests, you can rely on us for fast and accurate results.


As part of the acclaimed Intermountain Healthcare system, we offer so much more than just a lab result. Our interfaces provide the most complete clinical picture of your patient’s health possible, combining lab, imaging, hospital data, and more.

Intermountain Laboratory Services offers:

  • Online Test Menu
  • 24/7 Lab & Consultation Services
  • Online Lab Result Access for 
  • Physicians and Patients
  • Wide Array of Insurance Coverage
  • Rapid Turnaround
  • Personalized Customer Service
  • 24/7 Courier Services
  • Competitive Pricing