A grant agreement requiring a signature from the agency receiving funds will be sent following the Board meeting and prior to distribution of payment. Payment of grant funds will be made in full after receipt of the signed grant agreement, usually in June and December. Generally, the checks are mailed to the grantee. You may, however, be contacted to arrange for the check to be personally delivered by a member of the Board or staff.


Grants are made only for the purposes stated in the application, and it is understood that these grant funds will be used for such purposes. No substantial variances should be made without prior approval.


Grantees must be prepared to track and report program outcomes, as well as specific results that demonstrate measurable human impact. An outcome measures report is due approximately one year following the payment of the grant.

Outcome measures report forms will be provided via e-mail to grantees, along with a deadline for the return of the completed form to our offices.


The Board or staff may monitor and conduct a review of operation under your grant at any time, which may include a personal visit to observe your program.