Patients at Layton Family Practice, Memorial Internal Medicine, and West Valley Family Practice can now try Intermountain’s new digital experience to book appointments, check their symptoms, communicate with their providers, and more—all online—as part of the Digital Front Door pilot program.

The Digital Front Door is a new integrated digital experience that empowers people to take an active role in managing their health. It consists of personalized mobile and web platforms that seamlessly guide consumers—including patients, SelectHealth members, members of the community, etc.—through their health journey with Intermountain and SelectHealth. The Digital Front Door experience is meant to complement the in-person interactions people have with our caregivers.

“The experience we provide ahead of, during, and beyond clinical care is one place where we need to step up and differentiate ourselves,” said Kevan Mabbutt, Intermountain’s senior vice president and chief consumer officer. “We need to provide a more seamless, convenient, transparent, and empowered experience than we do today. Transforming our digital experience will get us one step closer to this goal.”

Mabbutt added, “The Digital Front Door experience will help us deliver on our mission in new ways and better meet the expectations of those we serve. Intermountain and SelectHealth caregivers will also benefit from more engaged and informed patients and members, and from streamlined communication and processes. Overall, this new experience enables us to be good stewards of our resources as we guide people to the most appropriate, high-quality, and affordable care.”

More about the Digital Front Door pilot program:

  • The pilot will run now through spring 2020, with new features being released on a rolling basis.
  • Examples of features that will be available during the pilot include: Online appointment booking with providers at the pilot clinic locations, symptom checker, options to help patients get care now (including access to Connect Care), provider messaging, care record view, bill payment, and payment plan assistance.
  • Pilot participants will use the mobile and web platforms to manage their health and care at the pilot clinic locations and share their feedback with Intermountain so the experience can be continually improved.
  • Approximately 3,000 people will participate in the pilot.
  • SelectHealth will also test the provider search and cost estimator features during the pilot.
  • The pilot will only impact caregivers and patients at the three pilot locations, along with a few support teams.