If you are a trustee for Intermountain Healthcare and would like to learn more about specific duties and responsibilities for the board you serve on, contact your board chair.

Intermountain Foundation Board

Originally chartered in 1982, the Intermountain Foundation oversees fund-raising activities system-wide and accepts donations from the public that support Intermountain’s mission. Community development boards operate under the auspices of the Foundation and engage in fund-raising related to hospitals and regions.

Charitable Purpose

Organized as a 501(c)3 institution, the Foundation and its constituent parts are qualified to receive tax-deductible donations from individuals, community organizations, and corporations. Donations are gratefully received and enhance Intermountain’s ability to provide health promotion and wellness services, charity care, leading-edge technology, research, new facilities, and other services.

Local Foundation Boards

Trustees serving on the Intermountain Foundation Board make decisions relative to the Foundation and its parts. Trustees serving on the community development boards provide advice and support with respect to fund-raising in their areas.

The Foundation is engaged in fund-raising through the following locations:

  • Bear River Valley Hospital Foundation
  • Intermountain Research and Medical Foundation
  • The Foundation of Dixie Regional Medical Center
  • Foundation for Homecare and Hospice
  • The Foundation of Valley View Medical Center
  • Garfield Memorial Healthcare Foundation *
  • Logan Regional Hospital Foundation
  • McKay-Dee Hospital Foundation
  • Park City Medical Center Foundation
  • Primary Children’s Hospital Foundation
  • Sanpete Valley Healthcare Foundation
  • Sevier Valley Medical Center Foundation
  • Utah Valley Healthcare Foundation

* Garfield Memorial is an independent, managed entity of Intermountain Healthcare, and its community development board coordinates with the Intermountain Foundation.

Intermountain Community Care Foundation Board

This foundation, initially funded by Intermountain in 1996, provides financial support to community clinics, health services agencies, and projects serving the low-income and uninsured populations. Trustees serving on this foundation board make decisions related to the awarding of grants to outside organizations and projects whose missions promote community health and complement Intermountain’s mission.​​