Intermountain Healthcare is nationally recognized for achievements in providing excellent outcomes to patients at costs among the lowest in the country. To provide these services, Intermountain must maintain fiscal responsibility in its financial practices.

Here are two things not everyone understands about not-for-profit healthcare:

  1. Some people assume that not-for-profit companies should not have revenues that exceed expenses. In reality, to fulfill our community stewardship and earn our not-for-profit status, Intermountain needs a sufficient margin to help the underserved, grow with the population, invest in technologies that benefit our patients, replace facilities and equipment, and maintain reserves that preserve our stability and provide a margin for safety should our communities be affected by a natural disaster or other major catastrophe.
  2. We need to ensure people who can pay, do pay. We have a responsibility to protect and preserve resources for those in our communities with the greatest need. This also helps us keep costs as affordable as possible for those who do pay for their medical care.

Our Not-for-Profit Commitment

Watch this short video to learn more about what being not-for-profit means for Intermountain Healthcare and our communities.