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    10 Tips to Achieve Life Balance

    10 Tips to Achieve Life Balance

    10 Tips to Achieve Life Balance

    Can life balance actually be achieved or is it just a mythical idea like unicorns or Thor’s hammer? When life is out of balance, we feel overwhelmed and exhausted. At times seemingly insignificant tasks – like finally taking those pants that don’t fit quite right back to the store or picking up the dry cleaning – seem insurmountable. But when life is in balance we have more energy and peace of mind to be able to accomplish the goals we’re striving for. Here are 10 tips to help you reach for the mythical and achieve life balance.

    1. Put “you” on your schedule first, then schedule life’s chores afterward. Give yourself permission to honor your own needs for rest, exercise, and recreation. When you put yourself first, it’s not selfish. Everyone you care for benefits.
    2. Simplify your life. Do you need to Marie Kondo your life? Identifying the things that drain you and replacing them with people, activities, and things that spark joy will enhance your life balance.
    3. Learn to say no. Without this critical skill your time and life won’t be your own.
    4. Financial and emotional well-being are connected. Don’t allow yourself to think you’re trapped in debt and helpless. Face the pain of your situation and make a plan to put your finances in order.
    5. Identify activities that give you energy. Be sure they’re in your schedule and you’ll discover your fatigue disappearing.
    6. Surround yourself with high-quality relationships. Seek relationships that support, challenge, and encourage you to be balanced.
    7. Design a routine that allows you to accomplish what you need to get through your week smoothly. Don’t run your life in chaos and crisis mode.
    8. Assess the use of technology in your life. Does it decrease your stress or increase your stress? Be sure you’re managing electronic tools, not letting the tools manage you.
    9. Take a few minutes to relax your body. Do this at least six separate times a day. Breathe deeply. Walk outside. Stretch.
    10. Focus on your spiritual self. Find a quiet, still place to connect to your inner wisdom or your higher power. Practice meditation on a daily basis. Journaling can also be useful.

    Life balance isn’t mythical, but it does take practice. Don’t get discouraged by the day-to-day chaos. Choose to focus on one or two of these tips and decide to live a more balanced and happier life.