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    19 Ways To Self-Care During Quarantine

    19 Ways To Self-Care During Quarantine

    19 Ways To Self-Care During Quarantine

    COVID-19 has altered the way we live. And this departure from normal life can be tough on us, especially when we’re socially isolated. Both mental health and physical health can suffer if we don’t check in and give ourselves the comfort that we need. Many healthcare experts stress the importance of connection during the pandemic and suggest making time for social interactions, whether online or off. 

    Licensed psychologist, Michael R. Bütz, PHD, reinforces our innate need for others. “We are social animals, and as such we need to have meaningful interactions with others. While we may not be able to navigate physical interactions, there are several things we can do to feel better. We are all in this together….” With Dr. Bütz’s advice in mind, we put together 19 ways to care for ourselves during the COVID-19 lockdown. 

    1. Keep in touch. Like Dr. Bütz advises, it’s important to schedule calls or facetimes with friends and family to maintain strong connections with the ones you love most. 
    2. Disconnect from the online noise. Take a daily break from all the screens by putting your devices down for long periods at a time. 
    3. Journal your days. Quarantine can feel like one long week, so try to differentiate between days and weeks by documenting your activities and feelings. 
    4. Clean and organize. A messy life is a stressy life, so cut down on clutter to keep your house and mind clear. We can all find some joy in a cleaner house. 
    5. Just breathe. Meditate or pray to give your mind a break from the constant churn. 
    6. Get Cookin’. The act of cooking can be incredibly calming. Be sure to take the time to feed yourself instead of getting stuck in the habit of always ordering out. 
    7. Take a Bath. When you take the time to sit and soak, your blood pressure and brain both get to slow down. 
    8. Learn a new language. Most of us have some free time now that we’re stuck at home. Put it to use by learning a new language or skill. 
    9. Get outside. Fresh air is a rejuvenating force. Even if you don’t have a dog to walk, getting outside is good for the soul. 
    10. Stretch and strengthen. Moving from bed to couch to desk chair isn’t ideal for our bodies. Make sure you mix things up with stretching breaks to keep your circulation flowing. 
    11. Juice. Keeping your body full of vitamins and minerals is important. If you’ve never tried juicing, there’s no better time than right now to get the nutrition you need in your system. 
    12. Be creative. Drawing, coloring, painting, and making crafts is a great way to release stress and use your mind in a different way. 
    13. Read. Never underestimate the power of a good book to help you relax and take your mind off life. 
    14. Find a new podcast. Listening to others talk about things that interest you is an easy and effective way to love on yourself.  
    15. Dance party. Moving our bodies gets our endorphins flowing, so blast your favorite album and shake it for a few songs. 
    16. Do a puzzle. It’s amazing how immersed in a puzzle we can get. When we focus our brains on a challenge like this, we take our minds off of the more stressful things. 
    17. Skincare routine. Our skin is the largest organ we have, so show yourself some big-time love with a face mask or moisturizing treatment. 
    18. Plant a garden. Even in winter, an indoor herb garden can brighten up your kitchen and bring some fresh flavors to the table.
    19. Movie Night. Even if you can’t be around your friends, you can still get on a zoom call and all watch a movie together to save your Friday night social life.