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4 Earplugs Types that Protect Your Hearing When it Counts

4 Earplugs Types that Protect Your Hearing When it Counts


Jun 22, 2015

Updated Nov 17, 2023

5 min read


Noise can affect anyone and tends to not only be an issue with employment, but commonly with recreational activities like concerts, ATVs, motorcycles, hunting/shooting, mowing the lawn and many other hobbies in Utah, especially during the summer.

What can I do to better protect my hearing?

One of the most basic steps to take to protect your hearing is to wear the right hearing protection, which will protect your ears from harmful sounds that can cause damage in 10 seconds or less!

Commonly, people know they should wear hearing protection when they are exposed to loud sounds; however, most people fail to do so for a variety of reasons.

One thing that can be done to help people when they need it most is by getting a set of custom earplugs. There are a variety of different kinds depending on your needs:

Concert Plugs

Have you ever left a concert and your ears were ringing? Have you ever had a hard time hearing after the concert? Did you know that less than 10 seconds at a concert can permanently damage your hearing?

Custom hearing protection may be your answer to protect your hearing. These custom ear pieces will allow you to decide how much volume is desired without affecting the sound quality and protect your hearing.

Shooter’s Plugs

Do you like to hunt or go shooting? Did you know that one gunshot without proper hearing protection can permanently damage your hearing? These earplugs are a custom fit to help protect your hearing when you are at a shooting range or when you are hunting. It senses the blast coming from the shot and protects your ears from being damaged. But when you are not firing, it gives the ability to have conversations and hear other necessary sounds.

Sleep Plugs

If your significant other tends to snore, these custom plugs are a soft-fit that help dampen the annoyance so that you can get restful sleep.


Do you go swimming a lot and end up with water in your ears after? Custom ear molds can help protect your ears from getting water in them. They are perfect for children who have tubes or adults who need the protection from water.


Custom hearing protection can be made for any reason! They come in a variety of different colors for any preference and they are also very comfortable because they are made specifically for your ears.

If you are interested or have questions about custom earplugs, please schedule an appointment with an audiologist. The appointments can take less than 20 minutes. During your appointment, the audiologist will take an impression of your ear and discuss which option you prefer.