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    4 Ways A Dietitian Can Help You Maintain Your Nutrition Goals

    4 Ways A Dietitian Can Help You Maintain Your Nutrition Goals

    Dietician With Client


    Are you worried that some of your habits like exercise and eating right will go away when winter comes? Utilizing a Registered Dietitian to help you maintain or improve your healthy habits can be invaluable. 

    Sometimes the holidays and cold weather can make us forget our healthy goals and we forget to go back to them when the holiday season is done. Winter tends to be a time of heavier food and the cold can make exercise difficult.

    Here are 4 ways a Registered Dietitian can help:

    1. Registered Dietitians focus on lifestyle changes not diets. Have you ever heard the phrase “diets don’t work?” Dietitians spend time learning about you and your habits to individualize a great plan. Weight loss isn’t a one size fits all diet, having a personalized plan can make all the difference.

    2. Visiting a dietitian over the course of weight loss or maintenance can be a good motivator to keep going.

    Knowing you will be followed by a nutrition professional can motivate individuals to keep up healthy habits. Using your Registered Dietitian for weight check-ins after you have made your weight goals can be invaluable. Your Registered Dietitian can teach you how to track your healthy habits and can help you pinpoint what is going wrong if those habits start to slip or change.

    3. A Registered Dietitian’s knowledge can be invaluable in a world where everyone is a “nutrition or weight loss expert.”

    Just open up any social media account and you will find someone willing to give you or sell you advise for healthy living or weight loss. However, these individuals may not know critical information that will keep you meeting your goals and being safe at the same time. Dietitians know the science behind all the studies you keep hearing about in the news, just ask them. They also know whether certain habits are healthy and safe. They are also qualified through their education to assist individuals with improving or maintaining healthy habits safely.

    4. Often the need to eat healthy and improve habits comes with a chronic disease like diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease...

    These diseases and others also have certain dietary restrictions. A dietitian knows the recommendations for weight loss and healthy eating for specific disease states and can help you find the right foods and the right amounts. 

    Call and make an appointment with a Registered Dietitian today!  You won’t regret seeing a professional that loves to help people meet their health goals.  Especially with the New Year coming, this is a great time to get started or keep going with those healthy habits!