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    5 Great Antioxidants You May Not Know About

    5 Great Antioxidants You May Not Know About


    Many herbs and spices have high levels of antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatory properties. For this reason, they’re especially good for people who have arthritis or heart disease. Either fresh or dried herbs can be used as an antioxidant.

    The five herbs below are some of the highest sources of antioxidants:

    • Allspice – Great on roasted root vegetables or with curry dishes and Jamaican dishes
    • Mint – Try adding to water, yogurt, and fresh fruit salads
    • Thyme – Combine with rosemary on roasted potatoes or fish
    • Turmeric – Can be used in place of saffron. Great with curry and other savory dishes
    • Dill – great for yogurt dips and on fish. Dill is especially good when used with citrus flavors

    When it comes to storage, keep dried herbs in a cool, dry place. For fresh herbs, store them in a way similar to a bouquet of flowers. Put them in a jar with an inch of water in the bottom and cover with a plastic bag. Cooking diminishes flavor and antioxidant content, so try adding herbs towards the end of your food preparation.